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Miscellaneous Pictures and Stuff


I have quite a collection of photos from the various trips I have been on, or meaningful events that I have been privileged attend.  Some of these I did not take many photos, or lost the film versions, or they defy inclusion on another page.  So, here they are.  I hope you enjoy some of the sights and sounds.


Another personal best achieved!


In early October I had a building commissioning conference in Jacksonville, Florida.  So, I thought it might be a great opportunity to test my long distance riding skills.  The plan was set and route carefully laid out for my biggest challenge to date.  The challenge was to ride a Bun Burner Gold 3000 (BBG3000).  That's 1500+ miles on two consecutive days.  I went from Jacksonville to El Paso, Texas, then up to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  From there I headed back east to Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and St. Louis, before ending in Lincoln, Illinois.  The first day was 1517 miles in 23 1/2 hours.  The second day was 1567 miles in 23 hours, 50 minutes.  The route was fully documented by IBA rules and hopefully the paperwork will be approved to make it official.



My First Lake Michigan 1000


In mid-August, I had the good fortune to have a free Saturday, so I decided to go for a Saddle Sore 1000 in a loop around Lake Michigan.  If the rider makes a complete, and documented, loop around Lake Michigan, the IBA may certify it as a Lake Michigan 1000 ride.  This is just what I had hoped to do.  I created a careful plan and executed it flawlessly.  I even stopped for fuel at, or very near, my planned fuel stops (which is sometimes a challenge with my desire to squeeze "just a few more miles" out of each tank).  After the IBR settles down and I get a free weekend, I'll put up a page with a few more details.  But for now, the highlight was the Mackinac Bridge, of which I finally had the chance to ride the grated lane for the full length of the grating.  Beware, the hi-res movie takes some time to download.


Parting shot from the bridge.



Hi-Res MPG Movie (20 Mb)                       Low-Res WMV Movie (4 Mb)



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