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Villains Wanted Grand Tour


Another summer, another Grand Tour


This year the Great Lakes Motorcycle Club ( hosted the "Villains Wanted" Grand Tour.  I received my rally towel and I was off for a summer of fun, friendship and new sights to see.  In the end I had 113 villes that counted.  That was good for 9th place.  Not too shabby for the premier group of riders that competed.  It was a lot of fun and congratulations to all the finishers!


Villains Wanted Grand Tour

Grand Tour Results

Just another reason to ride.  The thing I like about the Grand Tour is that it will cause me to visit locations off the beaten path.  All to often, I find myself trying to get from Point A to Point B in the shortest amount of time.  That usually means interstate and state highway travel.  Well, some of these towns and villages, like Blanchardville, are a great place to stop, have lunch, and see the local scenery.

I get visitors from all over the world and I like to hear comments.  Please drop me a note on what you found interesting on my Feedback Page.

 DAY 1

Belleville, Wisconsin

Blanchardville, Wisconsin

Brownsville, Wisconsin

Busseyville, Wisconsin

Cooksville, Wisconsin

Daleyville, Wisconsin

Danville, Wisconsin

Farmersville, Wisconsin

Evansville, Wisconsin

Evansville, Wisconsin

Footville, Wisconsin

Helenville, Wisconsin

Janesville, Wisconsin

Kroghville, Wisconsin

Mayville, Wisconsin

Mayville, Wisconsin

Newville, Wisconsin

Orfordville, Wisconsin

Pipersville, Wisconsin

Rogersville, Wisconsin

Postville, Wisconsin

Reeseville, Wisconsin


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