My Photo Albums





My Photo Albums

One of the reasons I created this personal website was to allow you to see a part of my life.  What I have been up to and what my hobbies and interests are.  Since pictures are worth thousands of words, I have included photo albums here.  Some of the sights I had difficulty finding based on descriptions on the internet.  So, to make others lives a little easier, I have included the GPS coordinates of the photo location.  I hope it helps.  Just click on the links to visit the current photo albums.. 

Iron Butt Rally
2012 Not Superman Rally
Puerto Rico 1000
2013 Chicagoland Rally
HID Lighting
Butt Lite 5
Villains Wanted Grand Tour
Rustic Roads 2008
Minnesota 1000 (My First)
Misc Stuff Page
RTE - Copper Harbor
Jay's SS1000
World's Largest Tour
World's Largest Too
Yellowstone Trip
Trinity Site
Team Strange Airheads
Fall Color Ride
Car Henge
God Bless America Tour
Cranberry Highway
ET Highway / Little Ale-Inn
Lake Superior Tour
Favorite Photos


Motorcycle Picture Of The Year! selected one of my pictures as a Picture Of The Year back a few years ago.  How cool is that?  On a whim, I decided to submit one of my favorite photos at Pike's Peak.  I was up there alone in the wind and cold with a storm rolling in.  So, I grabbed a few quick shots and bundled up tight.  The temperature was a bit below freezing.  See the full size photo on my World's Largest page.


Motorcycle Picture Of The Year





 Please come back from time to time as I intend to update my adventures throughout the year.  I only have a limited amount of space, so I have a feeling I will be bumping the older albums out as the photos of my new travels come along.  Also, I compressed the photos to fit more of them on the website and so the web pages would load faster.  Consequently, they have a semi-poor quality to them.  The originals are much larger and sharper, and if you send me a note, I'd be glad to email the originals.  I know that when I am looking for pictures on the web, it has been nice with sharp pics because I get to see all the nuances of what's actually there.  Again, feel free to send me an email.

I get visitors from all over the world and I like to hear comments.  Please drop me a note on what you found interesting on my Feedback Page.

In Memoriam:  The passing of Curt Gran


At the beginning of every rally, we riders sign a release form with some form of the words "motorcycling is an inherently dangerous sport".  We all know the risks, but still we ride for the love of the sport trumps the odds.  Every once in awhile, the words on the release form come true.  During the 2012 Minnesota 1000, one of the long distance good guys, Curt Gran, was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident in the far reaches of North Dakota.  Curt was forever optimistic on every aspect of riding and I can't think of a negative word he spoke in all the time I knew him.  Rest in peace, Curt.

In Memoriam:  The passing of Eddie James


One of the long distance legends was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident in early December 2009.  Eddie James was a founder and instrumental in the growth of TeamStrange.  He relentlessly promoted all forms of motorcycling all over North America, with a particular interest in simply getting out and riding the back roads of America.  We all have at least one Eddie story to tell.  Ask me sometime and I'll share a couple of mine.


A brief recount of the accident

Another link to his story

In memory of Eddie James, a foundation has been started.  Eddie's Road


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